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The Kanebo Glove is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPE-U) spun bond, known as Espansione® and developed by KB Seiren Ltd. The structure, which comprises randomly laminated fine continuous filaments of 100% elastic polyurethane, Espansione® possesses many superb characteristics, such as high stretchability (approximately 400%) and flexibility. Fine filaments are laminated with only their intersections bonded, thus offering good air and water permeability. Espansione® is a high-performance material with excellent properties to cultivate a variety of end uses and has exceptional ability to capture and encapsulate particulates due to its densely laminated filament fibres and preventing particles to escape. Fused continuous filaments produce no fibre fragments, ensuring completely lint free fabric edges. Made of 100% Polyurethane elastomer fibre, Espansione® has excellent non-slip resistance and is anti-static. The Kanebo glove is manufactured in two parts and welded using high frequency, unlike films, seams will not separate even when pulled, therefore providing an extremely strong, lint free, breathable glove. 


Key Attributes

  • Highly stretchable in all directions (approximately 400%) 
  • High elongation recovery, equivalent to or greater than mixed fabrics of polyurethane elastomer fibres
  • Extremely pliable
  • Air and water permeable, fine filaments are laminated with only their intersections bonded
  • Traps dust, densely laminated filaments prevent penetration of minute dust particles
  • Lint free, fused continuous filaments product no fibre fragments
  • High Coefficient of friction, made of 100% polyurethane elastomer fibre, displaying high slip resistance
  • Anti-static material
  • Allergen Free, completely harmless to skin
  • High frequency welded seams, will not separate when pulled
  • Flexible and extremely comfortable to wear
  • Compatible with ISO3 (Class 1) cleanroom environments prior to air wash
  • 290mm long


Protein Levels

  • Contains no Proteins 



  • Espansione® Thermoplastic Polyurethane elastomer spun bond



  • Non-sterile


Quality System

  • Manufactured in a facility holding ISO 9001:2008



  • White


Size and packaging

  • Available Sizes: S,M,L & XL
  • Double bagged, cleanroom packed
  • 50 pairs / pack


Ordering Information

  • MOQ: 50 pairs (1 pack)
  • Pack size: 50 pairs / pack
  • Price shown is per pair
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